Random Acts of Poetry: O Canada

AVRD Random Acts of Poetry

Just recently, yours truly took a trip to the Great White North. Sadly, I did not find the Rick Moranis Statue or the World’s Largest Bottle of Maple Syrup, but I did have some wonderful experiences touring around Montreal and the capital city of Ottawa.

Today, a poetic tribute to the land north of the United States.

The Second Novel Is Definitely Different from the First

Of course, any second novel an author writes will have different content than the first. If it didn’t, that would be a problem, wouldn’t it?

This is more about the experience of writing a second novel than the actual text. Certainly, it’s possible to have a better feel for yourself as a writer when you’re banging our a new book as opposed to your very first one, but subsequent books are on a different level.

Random Acts of Poetry: Thanksgiving

AVRD Random Acts of Poetry

Turkey Day is upon those of us in the United States, though you wouldn’t know it because the stores went straight to Christmas back in October. FUnny how all those people are still in the stores buying turkeys when the holiday it’s for has been largely forgotten. Not here, though.

Here are some Thanksgiving poems from A Very Rough Draft, just for those of you celebrating this holiday. Enjoy the football as well.

Blogging: Try Not to Get Lost in the Details

It’s fun to set up new blogs, or any new websites. When you launch a new blog, it’s another avenue for you to share your thoughts and talents with the world. Just don’t get caught up in the nuts and bolts of actually launching it.

Ernest Hemingway Was Right About First Drafts

Ernest HemingwayAt least to a certain extent, he is.

What did he say, you ask?

Random Acts of Poetry: Election 2012

American Flag
Today, a little bit of election-themed poetry as the United States prepares to elect a president. This is all intended in good fun, so hopefully folks on both sides (or on the sidelines) can have a smile and take the edge off of what has been a very tense campaign.

The Importance of Managing Your Time As A Writer

If you’re a writer with any drive, you’ll probably have a multitude of projects on which you’ll be working, and if not that, lots of ideas that you are attempting to craft into something creative. Sometimes, and I would know, it eats a lot out of your schedule. You might think you’ve bitten off more than you can chew, but what does a writer do? He or she writes, of course.

The idea is to budget your time better rather than limit yourself.

Sunday Writing Quotes, October 28

Quotes Art

This week, you’ll get some writing quotes, but I figured that rather than put my own spin on what these authors are saying, why not let you all make up your own mind. Read them, see how you feel about them, and if you like them, add them to your own internal list of favorite writing quotes. If you don’t like them, wait ’til next Sunday is about the only advice I can give you. The theme is “being a writer.”