New Additions to the Great English Words List

AVRD Great English Words

The next installment of ten new words is finally upon us, my friends. Those of you who love the English language as I do will hopefully enjoy this short and sweet Hall of Fame induction ceremony.

Without further ado, I present these new words for your amusement:

cornpone (n): a type of corn bread; (adj) folksy or countrified

crapulent (adj): so drunk or full as to feel sick

crucible (n): a melting pot; a trial or test

emunction (n): the act of removing obstruction from a part of the body; e.g. blowing one’s nose

etymology (n): the history or back-story behind words

hagiography (n): the biography of a saint or person otherwise idolized

ignominy (n): disgrace, dishonor, or shame, particularly in public

obnubilate (v): to obscure or cloud

schwa (n): the phonetic symbol that looks like this: ə

vapulate (v): to whip, beat, or flog

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