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Turning Your Breakup Into A Great Writing Idea

A versatile writer can pen just about anything, or at least that’s what I’d like to believe.

Let’s suppose for a moment that you were just in a relationship and it came to an end. You may be really pleased, really upset, or all over the place, but whatever emotions you’re feeling, you can channel them onto paper. One thing I’ve learned over the years is that even if there are similarities in your breakups, they’re almost always unique in some way, which gives you a story to tell.

Why else is writing an appealing thing to do after losing a relationship? Not only may you have an interesting story (or anecdote, if it was one-date-and-done), but writing is also good therapy. You may not think that reliving all of your past experiences in such a way will help, but writing your story gives you an outlet to express all of the emotions you have without having to vent or bitch at one of your friends (but that’s still allowed, for what it’s worth).

If you have history with a person and you split apart, chances are, you’ve got quite a lot to say. Be thorough, evocative, and interesting: tell your side of the story and really let your readers connect with your emotions (and even if you don’t distribute it in any way, you’ll still have a very good outpouring of what you feel). I understand, your feelings may still be raw, but that’s probably a good thing if you’re looking for quality writing. Who wants to read a watered-down story saying “well first my ex did this, then he did that, and then we broke up”? Funneling your passions, frustrations, and all the rest through your pen (or your fingers onto the keyboard) gives the reader a true sense of the highs and lows and lets them feel everything you felt, as you felt it. The best stories are the ones that can touch the reader on an emotional level and make them feel the empathy.

Now, that doesn’t mean any of them want to see incoherent babble like “OMGGGGGGGGG MY BF LEFT ME!!!!!!11 WHY WHY WHY!?!?!?! I HATE THAT ASSHOLE!!!!” If you can say what you need to say in an articulate, organized manner like any other story, then you may end up with a powerful idea. It’s okay to be a little irrational and illogical, because love (and the sudden lack thereof) usually is, but it has to be followable.

Writing cures so many things that ail you (of course I’m going to say that: I’m a writer). If you’ve got some strong feelings following the end of a relationship, or really following any major event in your life, pick up a pen and write. You may not only find that you’ve gotten a lot off of your chest, but that you’ve got a tremendous piece to share with others.

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