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Plea from a Writer: Know Your Homophones

I’ll be back to more thoughts on writing, publishing, and more very soon, but today’s post is a public service announcement.

How many of you have read things online or elsewhere and cringed when you saw a sentence like this:

“Thanks, your really helpful.”

I cringed myself writing it, so you probably did reading it. If you can’t even see what’s wrong with that sentence, then don’t even think of hitting the “back” button. You need our help.

A homophone, of course, is a word that sounds like another but is possibly spelled differently and has a different meaning. For example:

your | you’re
to | too
than | then
their | there | they’re

These words are not interchangeable. There is a terrific article right here that you should read if you’re the kind of person to write things like this:

“I’m going their tomorrow.”

“We have to many cars in the parking lot.”

“Your a idiot.” [irony is so ironic]

“If he goes to work than I’ll just go to the mall.”

I did an article of my own in 2011, which you can also view here. I even added some examples of incorrect usages so that we can really help get folks on the same page.

Please, please, PLEASE do your part and help clean up written English on the internet. Learn these words and their proper meanings. Good grammar and spelling don’t have to be a dying art.

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